Over the weekend: Ghost hunting at the Spirits of Victor Paranormal Convention

Robin Edwards
Ghosts or bad photography? You be the judge.
Mayer was leading this expedition, and had set up what she called Orb TV in the darkened, creepy lodge; it was simultaneously taping and showing flashes of strange lights and orbs floating around. While no orbs showed up on the Westword house camera, my friends got a few suspicious-looking spots that could possibly be remnants of the spirit world.

"Don't be scared," Mayer tried to assure us and the other ghost hunters. "Just accept that it's just a person and they don't have a body right now."

This was not reassuring.

We then headed back to the hotel for a witching-hour seance led by psychic Laura Westfall. Over a dozen people gathered around a candle-lit table to hold hands and attempt to summon spirits on a Ouija board. After a frustrating half hour of the board spelling nonsense, somehow through yes and no questions it was determined that we were communicating with a child who had died in a fire and couldn't spell, and that was the reason for the random letters at the beginning of the seance. I wasn't entirely convinced by the Ouija board ritual, but I walked away a little creeped out.

Robin Edwards
No one put away the Ouija board after the seance, so my friends and I snuck back down to the hotel lobby around 1 a.m. and attempted a summoning of our own. But again, the Ouija board failed to perform. Maybe it's unfair to expect something made by Milton Bradley to be able to communicate with the afterlife, but I was pretty disappointed by the board's inability to let us talk to ghosts.

Just as we were about to give up on the spirits in this supposedly haunted hotel, my friend Erica invited the ghosts to make their presence known. Suddenly, we heard a loud rumbling coming from the kitchen area off the lobby. We moved closer to investigate and started taking pictures to try to catch some orbs. We all saw a shadow flash across the room, then screamed and ran back up to our room. As we ran, we remembered Mayer's tip regarding setting boundaries and told our ghost to stay downstairs.

Robin Edwards
Victor Sunnyside Cemetery.
Come morning, we saw that the rumbling was probably related to the ice machine in the kitchen, but the timing still seemed uncanny. Maybe a ghost made the ice machine rumble? Skeptics could easily debunk our ghost story with logical explanations, but I'm still convinced that something supernatural happened at the Paranormal Convention.

After a visit to the town cemetery, our trip was complete and we left with photos of orbs, knowledge of how to hunt for spirits, and memories of our very own ice machine ghost.

Click through for more photos from the Spirits of Victor Paranormal Convention.

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