Reader: Beware overeager petitioners on the 16th Street Mall

Elyse Mitchell

The 16th Street Mall turned thirty yesterday, and the city will be marking the occasion with a celebration at 11:30 a.m. next Tuesday at Skyline park. In the meantime, we headed downtown to do our own mall crawl, and offer stories along the way. Readers contributed their own insights on popular sites/sights on the mall, including people-watching and al fresco dining spots.

But not everyone is a fan...

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Favorite things on the mall? Says Joktan:

I can't decide between overeager petitioners and smoke being blown in my face. It's a really tough call.

And some readers say they avoid the 16th Street Mall altogether.

What's your favorite thing about the mall? What's your least favorite thing? And what would you like to see there?

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I'd have to agree. I spend my days on Auraria Campus being hassled by the same clipboard toting agressors (I understand, it's your job - but please leave me alone I have headphones in for a reason) and often find myself walking down 16th for lunch, again harassed by the same people. I've currently lost a lot of respect for Planned Parenthood, as they've sent out soldiers of their own begging for money. I'm broke and can barely feed myself, why would I want to give to Greenpeace? Denver and the supporting businesses on the mall has done an awesome job of turning things around in the past decade and it's unfortunate that while the homeless are banned from using agressive tactics to beg, the clipboard soldiers are immune to the law. It should be banned, or at the very least highly discouraged, for people to be able to turn to these archaic strategies of begging and harassing. 


Or - allow those who are annoyed to punch people in the throat if they feel like it. Fair trade yes?

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