Reader: Ancient Romans were party animals -- or at least furries

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Body cast of a woman -- and possible furry? -- who died at Pompeii.
The ancient Romans were remarkably accomplished people, as evidenced by A Day in Pompeii, a special exhibit now on display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. But not only were they responsible for many inventions, they also knew how to party, as Cory Casciato reports.

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Writes Casciato:

Archaeological evidence suggests that some Roman households were home to private sex clubs, decorated like brothels and complete with their own entrance. Other people liked to dress up as animals, everything from bulls to leopards, and roleplay during sex.

But it's Casciato's next line that inspires Keyy:

"And here you thought furries were some kind of weird Internet-era kink!" You are amazing -- thank you!

Have you seen A Day in Pompeii? (It runs through January 13; find more info here.) Post your thoughts on the show below.

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