Five things Katt Williams taught me about life

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My guru, Katt Williams.
I never thought this day would come. The day -- er, two days, this Thursday and Friday at Wells Fargo Theatre -- when I could see my mentor, Katt Williams, in the flesh. Since discovering his standup work a few years ago, I have found that he speaks a lot of truth when it comes to living, and he approaches everything with a "no bullshit" attitude. In advance of his soon-to-be-legendary-to-me appearance this week, I have compiled some of Prophet Katt's best "real talk" moments, from the mouth of the comedian himself.

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5. You actually need haters
There is something mythical about the existence of haters; we don't always know them by name or recognize their faces, but we all have them (even Jesus did.) They are the people in our lives who doubt our strengths, tell us can't or we shouldn't when we know we can, and, in general, are probably just jealous of how fucking awesome we are. Katt makes the case here, knowing full well that as awesome as he looks, there will always be someone in the crowd who hates his luxurious hair -- but that kind of negative energy is necessary. It's how the universe balances itself out. So let the haters hate, and let Katt's luxurious hair be a metaphor for how fabulous you really are.

4. There's nothing wrong with being smart about your money.
Katt teaches us that in a material world, there is no shame in being frugal. If you stop worrying about what other people think about the things you own and where you spend your money, life can be a lot more fun. Simply exercise what Katt calls a "pimp decision": Look at the whole picture before you buy into a fad. Because the things we own don't last forever, let alone define who we are.

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