Photos: The colorful people of the Denver DebateFest 2012

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When the University of Denver hosted the 2012 presidential debate last night, there were bound to be some colorful characters hanging around. We had Occupy protesters (including perhaps the world's only Occupy chihuahua, dressed appropriately in a skull-and-crossbones outfit); pro-Gary Johnson and Jill Stein advocates who were miffed that their candidates didn't get into the debate hall; exactly one woman wearing a vagina headdress; a handful of politicians (former RNC chair Michael Steele, Senator Mark Udall, Governor Hickenlooper and Mayor Hancock); and lots -- lots -- of curious onlookers. Continue for a few pictures pics of new friends we made at last night's festivities. (For more visit, our slide show: People of Denver Debate 2012.)

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