Photos: Dia de los Muertos trading cards from the artists of Navajo Arts District

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Kym Bloom
Though Dia de los Muertos is officially November 2, this Saturday's Day of the Dead Artist Trading Card Workshop should provide some good preparation. From 12:30 to 4 p.m., galleries in the Navajo Street Art District are inviting artists of all kinds to create miniature pieces of work in the theme of this spirited celebration. Participants can then trade their art baseball card-style, or leave it with the galleries as decorations for next month's Denver Arts Week, when local artists will be raffling off tiny masterpieces.

To help you get ready for the Day of the Dead, Zip 37 resident Valerie Savarie shared some of the work that she and her fellow artists will include in the the giveaways.

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dod trading card valerie savarie 2.jpg
Valerie Savarie

dod trading card kym bloom 2.jpg
Kym Bloom

dod trading card valerie savarie 3.jpg
Valerie Savarie

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Navajo Street Art District

3600 Navajo St., Denver, CO

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