Win tickets to Haunted Mansion, 13th Door haunted house! (updated with winner)

13th door slasher.jpeg
Christopher Morgan
For more photos of 13th Door, visit our slide show.
Update: Congratulations to James Baetke, who has won two tickets to the Haunted Mansion and two tickets to 13th Door!

Original post: Those of you who are not willing to a) cry in public b) scream until even strep would be better c) need an extra pair of pants or c) faint need not continue reading this. This contest is only for the truly brave, those who know the reputations of Denver's area haunted houses and laugh in the face of their fear. Those who want to go again this year (and want to do so for free). If you are one of those people, we've got you covered -- with free tickets too Haunted Mansion and 13th Door haunted house. Keep reading for details on how to win.

To enter:

1. "Like" us on Facebook, which you can do right here. (Note: If you're already following us on Facebook, you're already eligible to enter; proceed to step two.)

2. Sign in to Livefyre with your Facebook account and then leave us a comment below with your name (the one that appears on your driver's license) and e-mail address (if your Facebook page doesn't have your contact info, so we can send you a note if you win), and tell us what your favorite horror movie is -- and why.

3. Then, check back this coming Monday afternoon to see if you've won. Quick heads-up: These are hard tickets, so you'll need to stop by our office at 969 Broadway anytime before Wednesday afternoon to pick them up.

4. Sit back and relax. Good luck!

Location Info


The 13th Door/Slaughterhouse Gulch,

3186 S. Peoria St., Aurora, CO

Category: General

Thai Pepper 2

10890 E. Dartmouth Ave., Aurora, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Kristina The Devils Rejects because Rob Zombie is one of the best directors for scary movies and throws humor into the horror love it!


The shinning. RED RUM....its such a classic horror movie..


Favorite horror flick - Halloween Rob Zombie version - love that white trash killer.


James Baetke

Favorite horror flick: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar. HA! Just kidding. I would The Poltergeist, because that short medium-psychic is scary. 

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