What's in your bag? Jackalope carries flatiron, antlers, makeup and more!

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Since Halloween falls mid-week this year, many people celebrated this past weekend. And out of the mist of zombies and oversimplified outfits like Bert and Ernie, one particular costume stuck out: a jackalope.This mythological creature, a combination of jackrabbit and antelope, was spotted on Stout Street. Behind this ensemble was Ashley Fonda, who'd sacrificed comfort for fashion, including a heavy headpiece she created from real deer antlers.

Read on to learn more about the style of Fonda, a local bartender/barista, jewelry maker and mixed-media artist with her own line of accessories called Serpens Cauda.

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Name: Ashley Fonda.

Profession: Bartender/barista, mixed-media artist, and I have my own jewelry line called Serpens Cauda.

Spotted at: Parking garage on 15th and Stout.

Favorite film: An independent film called Perfect Sense. It's an apocalyptic film that I find beautiful and romantic about two people living in an apocalyptic world, destroying their senses, except for touch.

Autumn anthem: "Autumn Beds" by Modest Mouse.

Style inspirations/icons: Although I have favorites from every decade, I love the clothing from the '70s. I especially love James Douglass Morrison's style . His music actually inspired me to move out west from New York almost two years ago.

Favorite accessory: This ring I found at a thrift store. I wear it on my ring finger, left hand to symbolize my union with the universe.

Favorite color: Seal blue; it's the color of the Atlantic Ocean.

Style mantra: Pick one item out and build around it.

Shops at: Everywhere. I love going to thrift stores here and there; of course H&M, and I love Dolce and Gabbana as well.

Fonda designs a line of accessories that is inspired by her love of nature, including crystals and animals. The necklace she is wearing features Palo Santo wood, which is 110 years old and sacred, a piece of tangerine quartz, and a real snake vertebrae. Check out more of Fonda's line here.

This iridescent ring is Fonda's favorite accessory. She's paired it with a crystal-encrusted cuff; we can see her small, heart tattoo here as well. Fonda's fashion sense has been recognized by Denver clubs; she was contacted to teach club-runway models to walk. Fonda found this idea ludicrous.

"I get starred at on the street for dressing differently," she says. "I guess it's because I moved here from New York and there is a big difference between the styles of here and back home. In Denver, people wear outdoor gear, like hiking gear, really casual. In New York, everyone wears a ton of black."

See what's inside Fonda's bag on page 2!

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