What's in your bag? Microphones, lapel pins and more with Don Champion

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With fall in high gear, certain colors stand out on the streets. One of them is maroon -- or burgundy, deep red or brick. No matter what you call it, though, this color is definitely happening for autumn, as are rust and burnt orange, neutral browns and leaf-like hues. We spotted Channel 7's Don Champion sporting some of these tones. Continue reading to discover Champion's style mantra, what inspires his on-screen fashion and, of course, what's in his bag.

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Name: Don Champion.

Spotted at: Sixth and Lincoln Street.

Profession: Multimedia journalist/producer for Channel 7.

Favorite film: I find it fascinating how all of the lives interact in Crash. In reality, our lives really connect like that.

Autumn anthem: I haven't decided on one for fall yet, but Robert Glasper Experiment's Black Radio album was my summer anthem.

Style inspirations/icons: I love New York's fashion since it is so fashion-forward, and I also love Trey Songz's style. I always read GQ, as well.

Favorite color: I have always worn black and gray, but I'm into red now. I also love blue.

Favorite accessory: Chains and necklaces.

Style mantra: Sleek and classy. Nerdy but hip. I have to be versatile, as well. I always keep some clothes on standby and have to be prepared to cover a wildfire or a story in the snow.

Shops at: The Cherry Creek mall, Nordstrom, H&M, Goodwill and antique stores. L.A. is my favorite place to shop, since there are so many different stores there.

"My job in television can be very conservative, so I walk a fine line between what I can wear on camera and what I can't," he says. "My fashion cannot get in the way of my story."

The Gucci sneakers in tandem with the striped, rust-hued tie and jacket make this look well-rounded. "The great thing about fashion in 2012 is that it's an extension of personality," Champion says. "You can have a lot of fun with your looks and change often."

Take a look at what's inside Don Champion's bag on page 2!

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