What's in your bag? Microphones, lapel pins and more with Don Champion

Categories: Fashion

Champion carries this black leather bag when he needs to take the essentials for work. Let's find out exactly what that entails...

The bag contains a Channel 7 lapel pin, microphone and makeup bag. There's also his work phone, and an earpiece to hear the playback audio. Since Champion has to be ready to do live reports on short notice, he carries these items for work. He also has gum, a USB cable, an iPhone and lip balm.

Style analysis: Champion shows how to combine classic pieces like khakis and a blazer but make it look modern and fresh with the use of maroon and high-end Gucci sneakers. There is just the right amount of color to balance the neutral tan elements. This look pushes the envelope, but not so far that it seems outlandish.

Continue to walk the line between what is acceptable and not in your personal style, Denver.

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