25th annual Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival kicks off Friday in Colorado Springs

Inocente, the focus of a documentary by the same name about her life as a homeless teen.
The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, now in its 25th year, brings a strong, diverse selection of films to the region this weekend for viewing, discussion and celebration. The longest-running women-centered film festival in North America, it will showcase both fiction and non-fiction work starring, written, directed and filmed by women. With more than two dozen films on tap for this edition -- including Inocente, the story of a homeless, undocumented teen's struggle with life and the pursuit of her art, and the critically acclaimed The Invisible War, which captures the mass cover-ups of rape in the military -- the range of topics is far-reaching.

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The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival has grown quite a bit in its quarter-century of life, and so has the independent movie industry at its heart.

"With the advent of better, more affordable technology and the ability to make films at a lower price, it means there are more people at it," says executive director Linda Broker. "The products are much better than when I first got involved; the film quality is outstanding. This year in particular, with the films that we have at the festival, it is the strongest line-up ever. We're super happy about that, given that it is our 25th anniversary."

A film like Ethel -- the intimate portrait of Robert F. Kennedy's wife, who raised eleven children on her own after his death in 1968 -- shows the festival's propensity to embrace personal stories of familiar figures in the public eye. At the same time, the programming acts as a platform for films like A Girl Like Her and Donor Unknown, works dealing with the social stigma of unplanned pregnancy and a child's search for their birth father. From independent to fully-funded movies, the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival brings it all together.

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@MCMEleganteCO Great! I am working on my 2nd film festival this quarter. Lots to do!!!

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