25th annual Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival kicks off Friday in Colorado Springs

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Broker -- who has been with the film festival for close to two decades -- says another positive aspect of the event is its own longevity. "We always love to have returning filmmakers. Now that we've been around long enough, we've been given time for filmmakers to return several times with new films that get programmed for the festival."

Mondays At Racine, a forty-minute film by Cynthia Wade, marks the filmmaker's fourth movie shown at the fest and her third visit. Lisa Jackson's Sex Crimes Unit will also mark her fourth visit. "It is fun to have the opportunity to establish a longterm relationships with these women and watch their careers unfold," says Broker.

At the same time, Broker says that the hardest part of her job is often having to turn down the work of previous filmmakers -- but having a critical eye keeps the film programming fresh for viewers, year after year. "We totally try to mix it up in terms of subject matter -- which is sometimes why a film may not get selected. It may have nothing to do with the quality of the film, it simply has to do with the fact that we have another film on a similar topic that is just slightly better," say Broker.

"One year, we ended up with two films about women pilots in World War II -- go figure. They were both great films, but we couldn't show both of them in one weekend. The festival is too short to do that. If we were a ten-day festival and we showed one on day two and one on day eight, it wouldn't be quite as noticeable. That hugely impacts our selection process. A lot of our atttendees are repeat viewers and they want to see something that is different."

The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival opens at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs Friday evening, November 2, with films starting just before 8 p.m. For a full program of events or to purchase tickets, visit the fest's website.

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@MCMEleganteCO Great! I am working on my 2nd film festival this quarter. Lots to do!!!

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