Photos: Danny Cisneros sets unofficial world records for skateboarding...on his hands

Danny Cisneros and wife, Laura.

Cisneros was born in California in 1964; seven years later he moved to Colorado. It was around that time that he says he first fell in love with skateboarding. And not much after that, he found a similar fascination with doing handstands. He put the two together when he was about ten. "I used to do handstands and skateboard, then one day I just combined the two," Cisneros remembers. "I kept eyeballing bigger hills and testing myself."

Cisneros has been married to his wife, Laura, for 25 years; they have five children. He owned a construction company that remodeled bathrooms in the Littleton area for over twenty years. But he's since closed the company, and now that his children have all entered or passed through their teens, Cisneros says he feels like he's entering a new chapter of his life -- one that involves exercising his body (and skateboarding passion) before time runs out.

"I am focusing on my passion of skateboarding while I still can physically," Cisneros says. "I am training a little for strength, endurance and mental awareness. After two broken wrists, a separated shoulder and numerous other injuries over the years, I feel great now."

Prior to completing his (still unofficial) record-setting stunt, Cisneros pondered what he was really trying to prove from such a daring feat, one he'd contemplated for eight years, maybe as a way to "go through my midlife crisis." Ultimately, he decided, it was more than a simple thrill ride. It was a statement about how to "be an example of older people being active with vitality," he explains. "I wanted to prove to myself what I am able to do, and then of course, prove to my family and the rest of the world what a determined human being can do when they have passion, hopes and dreams."

Although he doesn't have plans for future records -- not now, at least -- his skateboarding aspirations will "keep evolving," he says. "I do this all the time and I like to give people a show. My goal is to pretty much travel around the country doing this and pushing myself on really nice hills with beautiful scenery. That would be my ultimate dream come true."

But in the meantime, he's finally achieved a goal eight years in the making.

Skateboarding mission: accomplished.

Midlife crisis: avoided.

Cisneros raises his arms in joy after setting new world records.

Keep reading for more photos of his feat.





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