Ten video games set in Colorado: Part two

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4. Shattered Union (2005, Xbox, PC)

After Washington, D.C., is blown up, the United States plunges into the dark depths of a second Civil War in Shattered Union. Now renamed Southwest Arcadia, the Colorado region is a crucial battleground... if you can pry it from the cold, dead fingers of the lamely named Great Plains Federation. Seriously, guys? Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley and even Rifle and Craig are depicted in this hex-based war game, meaning Shattered Union might be the first and only virtual representation of these smaller towns. There's no spot-on visual recreations of these cities, of course, but the relevant rivers and highways are accurately labeled, as can be seen in this article.

3. Outlast (Projected release Summer 2013, PC)

Miles Upshur, intrepid freelance reporter, enters Colorado's abandoned Mount Massive Asylum and finds more than he bargained for. That's the premise of Outlast, an upcoming first-person horror game in the vein of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Mount Massive is fictional, but the Colorado Mental Health Institute, formerly known as the Colorado Insane Asylum, bears a striking resemblance to Outlast's creep-filled spookhouse. The trailer mentions the CIA's abandoned "MK-ULTRA" project -- a name that might ring a bell with fans of Denver's old punk bands.

2.Spike's Peak (1983, Atari 2600)

A Facebook commenter alerted us to this nearly forgotten Atari mountaineering adventure. Does it really take place on our beloved Pikes Peak? Hey, it was the Atari 2600 era -- for all we know, Pitfall! took place in Cheesman Park. This unique, double-sided cartridge replicated the experience of climbing Pikes Peak with breathtaking accuracy: difficult and chock-full of killer eagles and polar bears.

1. Resident Evil series (1999-present, all platforms)

No one quite knows where Raccoon City, home of the Umbrella Corporation and ground zero for the T-Virus that begat Resident Evil's mob of troublesome zombies, is in the U.S. Well, was in the U.S., in the canons of the film and the game, Raccoon City has long been wiped off the map. But given its location at the foot of the Arklay Mountains and hints of its location in the Midwest, Denver seems like a safe bet. The guy who made this video seems to think it's Boulder, but we don't really get that whole 'zombie apocalypse' vibe from there. (Clip below NSFW for gore and awesomely bad acting.)

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