Five toy train enthusiasts who are cooler than you

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2. Johnny Cash

He appeared in a handful of TV spots for Lionel in the '70s (he and Neil Young probably got together to talk trains and stuff) and said it himself: "If anybody loves trains, it's me, Johnny Cash." He wouldn't say it if it weren't true, would he? Also, he wrote a bunch of songs about trains, or that mentioned trains, so there's that.

Reason he's cooler than you: He is the Man in Black. No one has ever called you that.

1. Mr. Rogers

One of the coolest thing about Mr. Rogers was his badass toy-train layout. Come on, admit it -- as a child, you would have killed to have that set-up. Now as a suave, fashionable urban youth, you'd probably prefer one of his killer cardigan sweaters, but deep down, you know his trolley is still where it's at.

Reason he's cooler than you: Mr. Rogers was an inspirational icon to millions of children. You probably haven't even inspired one kid today, have you?

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Okay I can see overlooking Mandy Patinkin (his layout was even featured in a 2003 film Celebrity Train Layouts: Mandy Patinkin), but how could you not include the Chairman of the Board?  Frank Sinatra's trains were also featured in a Celebrity Train Layouts video in 2002.  And the reason is he's cooler than you?   He's Frank Sinatra and you're not.   ;~) 

Oh, and I think Walt Disney should be 3 of the top 5. 


Add Roger Daltrey of The Who.


You forgot Rod Stewart..MASSIVE toy train guy.  He has been featured in Model Railroader several times.  Why he is cooler than you (and me): duh.


You forgot Sheldon &

Coleman may be cooler than you,  but not I .......

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