Reader: It sounds cliche, but Further is actually breathtaking

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Photo by Chris Figenshau, courtesy Teton Gravity Research
Jeremy Jones goes Further.
Backcountry and big-mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones's Further was the most highly anticipated snowboard film of the season -- and it lived up to the hype.

"This film is inspiring people to get out there and do something big," Jones told us last month. "That's really a cool thing."

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And darci.dylan agrees:

This movie can only be described as 'breathtaking' - it may sound cliche, but that's exactly how this film felt the whole way through. Beautiful camera work, scenery, editing, I really can't say enough about it. I also loved a lot of the music; one especially poignant moment was when they used "Oljato" by White Sea during the first Arctic segment - would've loved to hear something from Morgan Kibby's other more famous band M83, too, but this was still awesome and (again) really made for a breathtaking experience.

And there's still one more installment in the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy to go! Post your thoughts on the movie below.

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