HoodLamb will celebrate the hemp lifestyle and art at HoodLab tonight

Adam Dunn opens a new shipment of coats in HoodLab.

HoodLamb is a vibrant hemp company that landed in Colorado when it decided to expand beyond Europe, where it was founded almost two decades ago. With this area's growing cannabis culture, as well as lively art and music scenes, Denver seemed the perfect place to infuse with both its product and projects.

HoodLamb's store, HoodLab, which doubles as an art gallery, sells the famous HoodLamb winter coats that have been worn by celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Willie Nelson. And the business's eco-friendly, organic approach also resonates with the local MMJ community, which congregates at the Lab every First Friday for rocking parties. Tonight HoodLab will welcome another artist to its gallery, photographer Kim Sidwell, with a party that doubles as a pro-Amendment 64 rally.

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Adam Dunn.
Over the years, the company has gained an international reputation for offering high-quality outerwear and clothing that's gone a long way to overcome the stigmas associated with hemp. HoodLamb has been a leader in making hemp clothing more stylish and wearable, pushing the envelope of the green movement by emphasizing eco-friendly, organically grown hemp.

HoodLamb is currently sponsoring the crew of the Sea Shepherd, featured on the TV show Whale Wars, supplying the team with coats, gloves and custom blankets. "We believe in the same things, and are part of the green movement," says Cici Dunn, wife of co-founder Adam Dunn. "We just have different roles, but we support their job fully."

To push their green message, the owners of HoodLamb have supplied coats for such music-industry celebrities as Snoop, Willie Nelson, Flavor Flav, Woody Harrelson, Redman, Binary Star, Jane's Addiction and Tommy Chong. They also possess a few dozen coats that were used like canvases by artists.

"Back when people like Michelangelo were painting, everything was hemp canvas, so it was a natural fit, plus we love art and culture and just wanted to bring some life to the coats," says Adam. "We didn't ever start selling them because we wanted to show the artists we really cared about the art more than the money, and if we never started selling them, we would never have to." They now use these shows for marketing, fashion shows and displays at the stores.

But the journey to build the brand got its start with far more humble beginnings.

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HoodLab Colorado

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