Reader: Punk's dead -- and Quixote's moving into Bender's is proof of it

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To mark the transition of the former Bender's space to the new home of Quixote's True Blue, which opens tonight, the Johnny Cash mural on the eastern wall was replaced with one of Jerry Garcia -- which was then painted over while the artist came up with a replacement Garcia, which was immediately vandalized.

Everyone's a critic.

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Our Backbeat blog has been all over this story, and the comments have been pouring in -- just as the vandal's paint poured out.

Says stevecarl_1 punk rock/hipster types need to grow the fuck up. You remember those Exploited shirts that said "Punks Not Dead" on the back. Wonder why you don't see them anymore? Because punk's dead. The fact that this bar shut down and was taken over by one of the kings of music in Denver, Jay Bianchi, is evidence. I can't wait to see some good music and some awesome people in this bar...a big change from the old Bender's. As far as the mural is concerned, Karma is a hell of a thing and the universe holds special energy for those that act negatively towards art and its creators. They'll get what they deserve.

What do you think of the mural vandalism? What are the other murals around town that should be celebrated, not slapped?

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Quixote's True Blue

314 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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Kiko Woelfel
Kiko Woelfel

Steve Carl can go fuck himself, as can everybody else claiming Benders was some sort of hipster haven on Capitol Hill. Quixote's take-over of the location has been fraught with mistakes: they brought a lot of this shit on themselves... That is NOT to say I condone the vandalism of the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) attempt at remaking the mural on the building. Calling punk rock obsolete while embracing jam bands and hippie bullshit music as legitimate is just moronic... Anybody claiming Benders was a hipster haven obviously didn't step foot in the place in the last several years: there was nothing HIP about the place. Between the closing of The Lancer Lounge and Benders, there really is no reason for this aging and obsolete punk rocker to set foot on Capitol Hill and I'm sure that makes all the sputtering vagina-hearts that will frequent Quixote's happy...

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