Reader: Katt Williams, check yourself before you wreck yourself

This was not the Katt Williams who was on stage November 1.
Bree Davies had been excited to see Katt Williams, a comedian who's taught her much about life. But on November 1, during a Denver show that was a three-hour reign of error, she got a very unexpected lesson as the audience first endured a half dozen unorganized, lackluster comic performances before Williams even took the stage.

And then things got really weird, with Williams storming off the stage after just twenty minutes.

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Says Ken Romero:

Damn, how about acting like a professional? Goes to show we truly don't know any of our celebrities and not all of them are role models. You're gonna tell me it's the first time as a comedian you've ever been heckled?? No, its not nice; however, you have to have the police stop you from attacking the guy? No/low class.

Just like this upcoming election -- I think if you don't vote I don't want to hear you complain...that dude voted with his $$$ and that's how you treat the people who are paying your rent??? Check yourself before you wreck yourself. When you don't respect your fan base like Madonna did in her Denver concert, what do you expect? If Katt was a professional he'd do his set, if he had class he'd stay after the show and take pics or sign things for his true fans, showing them the love they show him. After all, they could be doing so many other things and spending their $ in so many other ways in this tough and hard economy.

Did you see the Katt Williams show on November 1? Did you get your money back? Post your thoughts below. Or read Bree's account here, and then join the conversation already under way in that comments section.

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I attended the nov 1st show. I was under the impression i would get my money back. However, when i called Ticketmaster on Saturday, i was told no refund would be issued, that Katt Williams did in fact perform!! What a waste of $150!! Has anyone else gotten a refund?


 @midgebryant Nope told the same thing! TicketMaster said that the promoters said they are not issuing a refund Because HE DID PERFORM Ticketmaster also said as long as he takes the stage then he has fulfilled his obligation! So there are no refunds being issued! There is no set time for him to perform so if he came on and did the shit that he did in denver then as far as they are concerned he performed! ridiculous!! 

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