Reader: People want a refund for Katt Williams? How about for Bree's addiction piece?

A week ago, Bree Davies was excited to see Katt Williams perform. But excitement turned to sadness when he finally took the stage at the Wells Fargo Theatre on November 1, and proceed to completely lose his shit in front of the audience. "What I witnessed in Williams was a total loss of control and a very public breakdown," she says.

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Says yougottabekiddingme:

Someone got paid to write this? And someone else proofed and printed it? Is Bree Davis 22? I hope so. My eyes won't stop rolling.

What did you think of Katt Williams' meltdown? And if you were at the November 1 show, did you get a refund? Do you want one? Post your thoughts below.

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I was there. He could've done better. I work hard for my money. I want a refund!!

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