Ken Foster wants to change your mind about pit bulls

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Ken Foster has come to the rescue of pit bulls.
Ken Foster loves pit bulls -- and he wants you to have the chance to do that, too. With his new book, I'm a Good Dog, Foster is on a mission to show readers that contrary to popular belief, pit bulls are some of the most loyal, loving -- and often misunderstood -- dogs around. And he's bringing his mission to Denver.

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Over the last few years, a few books have been released in praise of the pit bull breed, including the critically acclaimed Salvage the Bones and Then Along Came Barney: The Story of a Dog Who Changed My Mind About Pit Bulls. by Barbara Bullington. Foster continues in this tradition with I'm a Good Dog, which tenderly pays tribute to pit bulls, covering the history of the breed, myths, and how panic and misinformation have inspired wrongful fear and judgment. Foster debunks these myths, and explores some of the historical events -- including Hurricane Katrina and the Michael Vick case -- that have helped influence a change in course, as well as a comeback for the pit bull breed.

As founder of the Sula Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting and fostering pit bull ownership through low-cost veterinary service, education and adoption, Foster is clearly an advocate for the breed. And through the stories and photographs in I'm a Good Dog, it's easy to see that many other people are fans of pit bulls.

And he'll be talking about that at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Tattered Cover Colfax. "I wasn't going to include Denver, for a number of reasons, including just basic logistics," Foster says, "but as the book's publication date approached, I began to see how much the book meant to people who love their dogs and it felt like an oversight not to do something in Denver, where change is so desperately needed."

So not only will he be on hand to discuss and sign his book -- and sign photos for anyone who wants to bring a picture of their pet -- but Foster also plans to deliver copies of the book to Denver City Council and the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter.

Learn how they were received tomorrow night at the Tattered Cover.

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Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue

2526 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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All the cutesy pictures in the world cannot change the cold hard statistics.  Pit bulls are responsible for vastly more than their share of catastrophic injuries and killings.  You can PR this issue all you like, - the numbers don't lie.  Thanks to your efforts, more children will be mauled in the future.  


Thank you so much for writing about this event, and for covering the pit bull issue in the past. I would hope other media would follow suit. There has been such bias, that the breed or mix of this breed is somehow inherently violent, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I hope and pray Denver and other officials in other communities that have breed discriminatory legislation will one day see the horrible error of their ways.


@strike18878 You need to double check your LIES. AND IT IS THE DEED NOT THE BREED - meaning irresponsible owners which you are probably one of whatever type of animal you have.


@strike18878 Sounds like you need a course in statistics.  Let me know if I can help with the tuition.  


@kenrfoster @strike18878 That's your takeaway from that study??? Good God, never underestimate the cynicism of the pit bull crowd.  But hey good news - if the photog gig doesn't pan out, I'm sure you could do well as a tobacco industry lobbyist with your unique grasp on stats.


@strike18878 Again, take a course.  The first thing we learn here is that breed of dog was identifired in only 89 of 228 cases; we aren't told what methodology was used to identify the breed, but assuming that those 29 cases were actually "pit bulls" that means about 10% of all bites came from pit bulls.  Shouldn't we be worried about the other 90%?  


strike18878 you are probably to stupid or closed minded to understand statistics... save your money Ken... pit bull haters just know hate nothing else.  I would be ashamed of myself if I had not adopted my pit bulls.

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