LadyFace's Chella Negro: Dick jokes are dead, but sketch comedy is alive and kicking

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Being women shouldn't matter in terms of what you do as comedians -- but you definitely stand out because of it.

My very first month at the Squire while I was watching my friend learn to be a comic and stuff, everybody went up and told dick jokes or rape jokes. It was just dick jokes and rape jokes, dick jokes and rape jokes. It's weird -- that collective consciousnesses where people will, in a group, get on that train and ride it together, even if they aren't friends or even consciously doing it.

It's like, can everybody just get off the rape train now? It's not funny. Unless you have something clever to say about it, I don't want to hear about it.

And as a woman doing what you do, you totally have the ability to blow the lid off of that. Like, not only is that stuff not funny -- it's dated.

Even when we do stereotypical "girl" stuff, sketches about dating and stuff -- we have this sketch called "Romanticore," it's about relationships -- this thing just comes in and fucks everything up, and that's what real love is like. I don't think women are more inventive than guys, but I think that we are able to see more sides to something. We may be able to see more sides to a joke.

I don't know, I'm glad people have moved on from dick jokes and rape jokes, for now. I'm sure there will be a renaissance in like, a year.

We could have another era of Andrew Dice Clays in the world.

Every hack comic just crawls out of a dumpster somewhere with a dick and rape joke.

A zombie situation of total shit comedians.

Zombie comics. Oh, god.

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