Knit wit: Local crafter Daddy Lion Legs makes made to-order hats and scarves

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A Daddy Lion Legs original scarf.
A Daddy Lion Legs piece is unmistakeable -- thick knitting stitches run diagonal and in tube-like formations, brightly-colored fabrics clash pleasantly with muted yarn. And the designs -- all one-of-a-kind, made-to-order pieces -- come from a single knitter, Jennah Black. What started out as a hobby is now a part-time job, and Black hopes to make it a full-time thing, as she knits every spare moment she can wrangle.

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"I'm trying to turn it into a small business for myself," Black explains. "It kind of just started out as a hobby. I lost my job two years ago and I didn't want to just sit on my ass."

"I learned from an old lady at a nursing home where I used to work -- she taught me how to knit," Black continues. "She gave me her very first pair of needles. I just fell in love with her and the art, and just had to keep teaching myself."

Though relatively new to the age-old craft of knitting, Black shows real talent, and conspicuous style. Specializing in headwear, she's found ways to make hats and scarves into one comfy, wearable piece. She also knits chunky headbands and exaggerated, handkerchief-patterned neckwear adorned with big buttons.

"With all of my first orders, I made them with a pattern. Then I re-did them the way I wanted them to be. Now, a lot of my stuff I design myself. The patterns took too much of my concentration -- I wanted to be watching Lost," Black says with a laugh. Originally just taking orders from friends, she worked partly off of request, partly from inspiration. "I've found that I do a lot better with orders if people kind of give me an idea of what they're looking for," she notes. "I go from there, designing the rest -- I really go deep into their personalities."

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