Knit wit: Local crafter Daddy Lion Legs makes made to-order hats and scarves

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Recently branching out with a Daddy Lion Legs Facebook page and with a website in the works, she's starting to get orders from people she may not know personally. But Black is game for new orders from new clients. "I get orders weekly -- it is a lot of fun. I have a job now, but it's part-time. I'm basically like an old grandma on my free time, crocheting and knitting in my underwear at home," says Black.

And the origin of the brand's name? "A daddy longlegs' body looks like a lion's head -- literally," she explains. "Like, if you examine the spider, that's what they look like. So I thought, I'm going to call it Daddy Lion Legs and have (the logo) knitting with all of its legs. I came up with it with a friend of mine, and then threw the name at Kayln (Heffernan, Black's girlfriend), because she's really good with computer stuff, and she designed the logo."

For now, Daddy Lion Legs pieces can be ordered through Facebook; Black says she's been talking with a local artisan-based business about carrying the brand in a physical store. In the meantime, watch for Black's alter-ego, Ghost Face Knitta, yarn-bombing a piece of public art near you.


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