Queens Nina Flowers and Ongina bring art from Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace to life with Pop Drag

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Koko Brentano
Nina Flowers
As both the official photographer for the monthly Drag Nation and a longtime supporter of local art, Koko Brentano had a vision: to see the two worlds collide. Friday night's Pop Drag at EXDO Event Center is the result, a convergence of the work of artists Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace with the multidimensional performances of RuPaul's Drag Race alums Nina Flowers and Ongina -- plus a rotating cast of Drag Nation regulars.

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Koko Brentano
Nina Flowers.
So how, exactly, will a drag show and an art show come together as one big event? "I picked out a group of paintings and gave them to the performers, and they based their costuming off of each work," says Brentano. He's been fond of the color-popping, intelligent pieces of Recchia and Ace for a long time, he notes: "I thought their work would adapt itself well to coming to life."

Nina Flowers seemed like an obvious choice for the interpretations, too. Hardly a traditionalist when it comes to being a queen, Flowers is known for her energetic stage presence and incomparable routines.

"Personally, I've never enjoyed drag very much as a transgendered person," says Brentano. "I don't like the whole concept of female impersonation, but when Nina created Drama Drag (Drag Nation's precursor), she invigorated it and made it about performance. A lot of (the show) is about energy and movement, and bringing the dance crews in really changed it."

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EXDO Event Center

1399 35th St., Denver, CO

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