Joe Francis created Girls Gone Wild -- but he thinks he's much milder than this mug shot

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Joe Francis, circa 2003.
Girls Gone Wild will land in Denver on Sunday, when the Back to School Tour 2012 stops at PT's Showclub at 1601 West Evans Avenue at 9 p.m. But Joe Francis, the founder of Girls Gone Wild, isn't that wild himself these days -- or so his company would like to have people believe.

Show and Tell just got this e-mail letter from one of Francis's reps, apparently inspired by Jef Otte's 2011 story on the Girls Gone Wild Founder's most recent run-in with the cops....

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Request to Change Image of Joe Francis

Thanks for reading this message.

My name is Ben, and I work for Joe Francis. Recently, Google updated its search results page and started using the Joe Francis Mug Shot image as his main image whenever the his name "Joe Francis" is searched. Google is pulling this image from your blog post. Although we are not requesting you to retract anything that was written, I would like to kindly ask you to use a more neutral, objective and unbiased photo of Joe.

I understand that your blog post was written humorously to show when Joe Francis was either a sleazeball or a victim, but we'd just really like to have that image removed or changed, because it creates a highly negative image of Joe as someone who is in jail or guilty, when in fact he is today a free and law-abiding member of society.

Thanks again for reading this message and considering my request....

Ben Bien

Our partner paper in Los Angeles, the LA Weekly, got much the same request from the employee of Joe Francis, which the paper had earlier proclaimed "The Douche of the Decade." And he even provided a photo that the Weekly could use instead, shown here:

joe francis pic.JPG

We'd rather stick with the mug shut, thank you. And don't you wonder how many girls have regretted how their images appear on various Girls Gone Wild products?

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