Reader: Toy train-lover Rod Stewart is way cooler than you (and me)

Do you think toy trains are sexy?
Do you think toy trains are sexy?In advance of the Rocky Mountain Toy Train Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart last week, Cory Casciato listed five toy-train enthusiasts who are cooler than you. The lineup ranged from Winston Churchill to Neil Young.

But there was one major omission.

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Five toy train enthusiasts who are cooler than you.

Says BedBugK9:

You forgot Rod Stewart..MASSIVE toy train guy. He has been featured in Model Railroader several times. Why he is cooler than you (and me): duh.

Any other train enthusiasts we overlooked? Post your thoughts below.

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You forgot some more!

Roger Daltrey!

And hey! Frank Sinatra!

Both cooler than Churchill.... ;-)

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