Photos: A burlesque tribute to South Park at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (NSFW)

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south park burlesque 1.jpg
All photos by Christopher Morgan.
Fans of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, local comedian heroes, know that their hilarity knows no bounds. And when it comes to South Park, it also knows no boundaries. Which is why we weren't entirely surprised to find that the show and its creators were recently spoofed themselves -- with a burlesque parody at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Continue reading for photos of a different kind of South Park scandal.

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Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

1260 22nd St., Denver, CO

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I wonder why there was no mention of the person that produced this show?  Allegra Fiorino is a veritable artist in her own right.  That's a lot of work without credit.

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