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You've mentioned ghosts, Bigfoot, religion... what other stuff do you do material on? What about some of the new nutty stuff, like crazy Internet conspiracy theories?

I'm working on a bit about that exact thing. The alternative medicine thing -- it's weird, I'm pretty liberal, and so are the other guys -- but I live in L.A., and every one of my friends who's a liberal is just as religious about "Oh, you have to get acupuncture, and you have to get reiki." Yeah, prayer doesn't work, but moving imaginary energy around from the other room does. I find there's conspiracy theories around that that crack me up.

My wife works in the pharmaceutical industry, and while I'm no fan of big business, they're also not dominating everything we do. I have this friend who's like, "The cure for cancer is out there, the cure for everything is out there, but the pharmaceutical companies are paying to keep it down." Yeah, they're paying off the millions of oncologists and cancer researchers across the world, because the anti-cancer drugs make a quadrillion dollars a day. I'm like, really? People don't even think about it, about how much money they'd have to make to pay off everybody in the cancer [research] industry. There's not that much money in the world!

Right, and not one person would break ranks and come clean to admit the cure was out there.

Yeah, out of the millions of people, not one of them has any moral fiber to go, "You know what guys? This is the fucking cure for cancer, how about no. How about I won't take your million dollars." What would it take you? Even the most evil, greedy bastard I know would be like, "This is the cure for cancer! How evil do you think I am?" Every single person in the cancer industry is that greedy?

It's all over the place. It's left, it's right, it's center. I have a friend [who's] totally rational in every other aspect of his life, but yet he is completely convinced that there are alien coverups every day. Whatever you say to him, no matter how rational, he's just like, "Well, that's what they want you to know."

You mentioned that people can get pretty upset about you ridiculing their core beliefs. Do you get a lot of angry hecklers? People trying to stone you onstage? Is that something you worry about?

It has not happened yet. We do a pretty good job of marketing to our audience. Our biggest problem is, honestly, a lot of people who think like me are socially awkward nerds. They would never speak up at a comedy club. We're hoping somebody will protest us at some point.

Is there anything else you want to mention about the show?

This show is the Sunday before Veteran's Day, and my partner Jason is going to close the show; he's actually a veteran of the first Gulf War. He'll probably do some material about his service that isn't normally a part of the show. It's really funny stuff, and people who've seen us in Denver before will get to see some new material they haven't seen before.

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