The ten best lines from Labyrinth

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6. The riddle at the door to Certain Death

This is another section of the movie that's all quote-worthy. The reprise of a famous old riddle shows better than anything how tricky things are in the depths of the Labyrinth.

Favorite quote: "Is that right?"
"I don't know! I've never understood it!"

5. Jareth disguised as the beggar

Jareth is such a badass, and half the fun in this quote-along is going to be pretending for a few minutes that you're as a big a badass as he is. This is one of the scenes that will help you do it. (I love the talking rock corners, too.)

Favorite quote: "So the Labyrinth's a piece of cake, is it? Well, let's see how you deal with this little slice."

(Second best: "Nothing, tra la la!")

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