The ten best lines from Labyrinth

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4. Jareth threatens Hoggle

Then you have David Bowie threatening Hoggle. Between his continued mangling of the poor Muppet's name and his Bog-of-Eternal-Stench-related threats, he's truly intimidating.

Favorite quote: "I just noticed your lovely jewels are missing."

(Second best: "Oh, come, come, come, Hogbrain. I'm surprised at you, losing your head over a girl!")

3. "Within You"

Some people list "Chilly Down" as their second-favorite Labyrinth song, others the title sequence "Underground," still others the ballroom ballad "As the World Falls Down." But for me, this song encapsulates all the movie's teen angst, in M.C. Escher surroundings -- and holy shit, is David Bowie not messing around about being a weirdo stalker fantasy figure in love with a teenage Jennifer Connelly.

Favorite quote: "Your eyes can be so cruel
Just as I can be so cruel
Though I do believe in you
Yes I do"

(Second best: "I move the stars for no one!")

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