What's in your bag? A Swiss army knife, hairspray and more!

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This is a reusable tote bag that Hogan picked up in London at Cass Art Store; it has many phrases printed on it. Let's find out what sort of objects travel with Hogan on her adventures...

Inside we have a myriad of fun products, including a can of hairspray, two cosmetic cases, a back-up purse that is small and black leather, an extra pair of sunglasses, a lint brush, a pink hair comb, an iPhone 5, and a keychain with a Pink Panther key and Swiss Army knife attached. With her beauty staples as well as technology old and new, Hogan is ready for a night out on the town -- or the worst-case scenario.

Style analysis: With pops of red on an all-black ensemble, Hogan injects bursts of energy into a classic look. She uses her signature red nails, cropped red hair and red prayer beads to create an iconic look that emphasizes her individuality. Her view on being a global citizen is optimistic and all-embracing. Hogan displays how different cultures and job titles can be used to emphasize a personal style and create an individual aesthetic that spans from Hindu culture to Grand Junction, from London to New York.

No matter where you are, Denver, remain loyal to your view of fashion and your role in the world.

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