What's in your bag? Texas IDs, journals and more!

Categories: Fashion

Bashford carries this brown leather satchel when it matches her outfit, like today's boots and coat. Let's find out what she takes with her for a day's journey.

Given the small size of the bag, Bashford keeps to the necessities: Texas ID, cash, a green leather journal with a deer on the cover, keys with a Las Vegas poker chip, iPhone and debit card.

Style analysis: A Texas native, Bashford combines the styles of the West in a way that seems refreshing yet retro. She matches her shades of brown well, and fuses them with a feminine lace blouse and floppy hat that echo the '70s. While she is equipped with all of the tools of a modern woman, her style is whimsical and, above all, fun.

When dressing, Denver, remember to take from the past and present to create the look of the future.

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