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Update: Congratulations to playergeek! Your favorite movie has helped you win twenty tickets to Hollywood Theaters.

Original post: We'll cut to the chase: Movies are one of this planet's greatest pleasures, and there's nothing quite like going to see a film at a real theater. Show and Tell would like to share that experience with you, so keep reading to find out how how you can win twenty free passes to any Hollywood Theater by answering one simple question.

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To enter:

1. "Like" us on Facebook, which you can do right here. (Note: If you're already following us on Facebook, you're already eligible to enter; proceed to step two.)

2. Sign in to Livefyre with your Facebook account and then leave us a comment below with your e-mail address, and tell us what your favorite movie is -- and why.

3. Then, check back this coming Friday afternoon to see if you've won. Quick heads-up: These are hard tickets, so you'll need to stop by our office at 969 Broadway to pick them up.

4. Sit back and relax. Good luck!

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My favorite movie of all time is Pulp Fiction, it was my first R-Rated Flick!


My favorite movie is Ted because it's hilarious!


My fav is Harvey.  Sweet, funny, and sad, all in the same film.  Jimmy Stuart is amazing.  It still holds up after all these years.


My favorite movie is Young Frankenstein. It has been since I was 13 or so, for many reasons: 1- I cannot remember a single movie where I've laughed SO INCREDIBLY MUCH throughout the entire thing every single time I watch it; 2- Gene Wilder is a genius; 3- it represents a bond with my family that is largely indescribable... we're all a bunch of weirdos who like weirdo things. It keeps us together and keeps us laughing at ourselves and each other. I sent a copy to my dad when he was in Iraq years and years ago. It was comforting knowing that even in the toughest of tough environments, we were laughing at the same jokes.


The Bicycle Thief is my favorite movie because it is quite possibly the most honest, heartfelt movie I have ever seen. As it delves deeper into the characters’ lives, the film elaborates on what is most important to them.  The film proposes that people desperately look for relief and assurance, even from questionable sources, when they have lost all hope.  Something I think every human can relate to.  It makes a grown man cry every time. 


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