Twelve Denver arts flashbacks from 2012

MCA Denver

Search & Destroy, MCA Denver and satellite locations
March - June, 2012

MCA borrowed the ethos of its earlier West of Center, which focused on the counterculture of the American West in the `60s and `70s, and zeroed in on the next stage -- West Coast punk -- for Search and Destroy, a constellation of satellite exhibitions and happenings both large and small in a galaxy that included the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and Gildar Gallery, among other hot spots. Cultural stars of a certain time and place, such as Bruce Conner, Ruby Ray, Richard Peterson and Penelope Huston, passed through its spotlight, and music, photography, artifacts and installations combined to define a subculture, keeping us busy from the end of March until the middle of June.

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The Big Blue Bear poops
April 2012

Yes, this happened. One fine spring morning, we woke up to find that our beloved Big Blue Bear -- Lawrence Argent's "I See What You Mean" peering into the Colorado Convention Center -- had taken a big, blue dump. Who knew the bear would have matching blue poop? Denver has a sense of humor.

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