Twelve Denver arts flashbacks from 2012

Jetsonorama in Byers.

Jetsonorama, M12 Collective Action on the Plains, Byers
June 28 - July 1, 2012

Jetsonorama, aka Dr. Chip Thomas, normally oversees his wheat-pasting projects in Navajo country, where the beautiful graphic images on the sides of shacks, trailers and silos bring life to the desert landscape, set off by dramatic skies and endless sandy stretches. But for a long weekend last summer, he brought the concept to equal effect on Colorado's Eastern prairie as part the M12 Collective's ongoing Action on the Plains. Thomas collaborated with the Turecek family, a fourth-generation farming fixture in Byers, to paste up a little local agricultural history across their land. It's beautiful reminder that art belongs everywhere.

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Michael Chavez is appointed public art administrator for Denver Arts & Venues
July 2012

We couldn't have been more tickled to learn that Michael Chavez, who'd previously led Golden's Foothills Art Center into the twenty-first century by contemporizing its scope, was taking the reins from the departing Kendall Peterson as public art administrator for Denver Arts & Venues. His goal is not only to maintain and grow the city's collection, but to find new ways to make it more accessible to the public it serves. We're looking forward to seeing Chavez grow into the position.

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