Menswear on the Denver streets: BOYLONDON necklaces and blue suede shoes

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This week we spotted clever pieces of men's fashion all over town -- from a puffy blue vest on the D line light rail to blue suede shoes on the 16th Street Mall shuttle. Take a look at this variety of looks for men across the metro area....

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all photos by Mauricio Rocha
Name: Sean Malcolm.

Spotted: in line at University Hill Deli and Market in Boulder after a Kreayshawn, Rye Rye, Honey Cocaine and Chippy Nonstop concert at the Fox Theatre.

Profession: I travel the world to party.

Style inspirations: Weird grunge with a hint of '90s cyber, or else I dress really classy. It depends on my mood.

Favorite film: Either Melancholia or A Clockwork Orange; they're both fantastically twisted.

Autumn anthem: "American" by Lana del Rey or "Kicked Out Da Club" by Chippy Nonstop.

Favorite color: Purple, no question.

Favorite accessory: necklaces, probably my BOYLONDON one I got in Harajuku, Japan.

Style mantra: Intriguing and ironic.

Shops at: I love thrift stores. They always have super-cool things that are so weird that you can't get anywhere else. Or online from oversea shops.

Malcolm also offers some styling tips: "Dress to impress yourself, wear what you like and what you think is cool. Who cares about what other people want you to wear?"

Turn to page 2 to see more men's looks!

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