Menswear on the Denver streets: BOYLONDON necklaces and blue suede shoes

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While on the 16th Street Mall shuttle, we noticed this pair of baby blue suede oxford shoes whose owner was listening to music and in his own world.

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Name: Sean Bueno.

Spotted at: Colfax and Broadway, waiting for the 6 bus.

Profession: Masseur.

Favorite film: I loved the new Twilight movie actually, Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Autumn anthem: "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris.

Style inspiration/icon:Lafayette from True Blood.

Favorite accessory: My studded belt.

Favorite color: Lime green.

Style mantra: Be yourself; don't try too hard.

Shops at: Herbs and Arts, Goodwill, any thrift store pretty much.

sean bracelets.jpg
The second Sean we encountered in one week, Bueno loves to be eclectic in his fashion sense, buying pieces at thrift stores and any local shops that strike his fancy. Here he displays a nice mix of bracelets that are all neutral colors.

sean bag.jpg
Bueno moved here from Indianapolis two years ago. "It was a bit more ghetto back home," he says. "A lot of the guys wore backwards baseball caps with sagging jeans below their waist. Denver has a more fashion-forward style."

Bueno is fashion-forward himself with his simple Converse, jeans and hoodie combo. The most exciting part of his outfit is the circular, knitted bag he carries. "I only have my phone and keys in there, " he says.

Style analysis: There seems to be no shortage of amusing men's fashion in metro Denver. These men are always on the move, be it by foot, train, plane or free mall ride. While Malcolm has a fun BOYLONDON necklace that demonstrates his global style and sense of campy fun, Bueno has a very straightforward, outdoorsy style that mixes local and popular culture. Both men are thrifty and adore uncommon accessories; both individuals take fashion cues from such disparate sources as True Blood, A Clockwork Orange, Indianapolis and Harajuku to create their look.

Even on the go, always remain cultured and fashionable, Denver.

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