New Year's Eve standup horror stories from Sam Tallent and Andrew Orvedahl

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As it is for most musicians, a New Year's Eve gig is nightlife-prime-real estate for a comic. Big money, big crowds and an audience that's ready to let its PC guard down and get loose. Consequentially, you never turn down a NYE standup gig -- if you can get one. But all this inevitably leads to some weird situations from time to time, since the combination of an explosive audience and a comic who would rather be partying with his friends is a potential recipe for disaster.

For proof, check out Sam Tallent accidentally mocking a dead son, and Andrew Orvedahl witnessing a urine-soaked lady who just wanted a hug.

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Sam Tallent accidentally mocks a dead kid

So I was doing a show one New Year's Eve, and there's this couple that isn't having any fun. Just sad-sacking it, HARD. So I poke at 'em, give them the business a bit -- just trying to open them up. Everyone else was having a blast and I wasn't being mean...yet.

So the guy in the couple says, "How 'bout some jokes, bub?" or some shit. So I said, "What are you guys celebrating? Happy couple? The anniversary of your son's death?" It was a mean line, sure, but it got some laughs. But then the couple remained silent. Silent. And then the woman solemnly said, "His name was Daniel."

I left the stage an asshole that night, but an asshole with mind-reading skills. RIP Daniel.

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