Denver's five best zombie moments of 2012

3) Local zombie flick Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer is finally finished
At last, Denver has its own homegrown zombie film with BizJack FlemCo's Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer. Sure, it's a criminally dumb excuse for fart jokes, boob shots and cheap-looking gross-out special effects, but it's ours. As co-director/co-writer Richard Taylor explained to us when we spoke, the film was an exercise in Troma-esque sensibilities celebrating boobs, blood and bowling. On those measures, it can only be considered a stunning success.

2) Local filmmakers announce zombie doc
Speaking of locally made zombie films, the filmmakers behind The People Vs. George Lucas announced their next project, Doc of the Dead. It's just what it sounds like: an in-depth examination of the zombie craze in pop culture, and if it lives up to the quality of The People Vs. George Lucas, it could easily be the definitive word on the topic. When we talked to the filmmakers, they certainly seemed to have a good plan, anyway. (Disclosure: I appeared briefly in The People Vs. George Lucas, without compensation, and could very well appear in Doc of the Dead as well, also for no compensation.)

1) Our Zombie Town Hall makes history
For the first time ever, two titans of the zombie world -- author Max Brooks and filmmaker George A. Romero -- appeared on stage together to talk about zombies. And it happened right here in Denver (disclosure: I moderated the panel, for no compensation beyond the fact that it was maybe the coolest thing that ever happened to me), helping to cement our claim as the world's most zombie-mad city. If you missed it, there are apparently plans for it to be released in some form in the future, and at the very least, excerpts from it will appear in Doc of the Dead once that's released.

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Kwhip moderator

What a sweet year for zombie culture in Denver!

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