Five toys for girls that need a gender makeover

Slutty doll.jpg
2. Bratz Catz Chloe doll.

There is a high probability that in any toy store, you will find at least one suggestively-dressed female doll marketed to little girls. The chances of finding a similarly-attired male doll marketed to little boys is hovering down around "not at all." This doll doesn't look like a cat so much as a ho. Why isn't there a male counterpart doll sporting a tight, animal-print top and leggings, denim miniskirt, feather boa and slut boots? Because then the makers of Bratz dolls couldn't contribute to the skewed and vapid stereotype that all women are sexually available to men upon request.

beauty shop play.jpg
1. Lego Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop.

So when the makers of Lego blocks finally get around to creating Legos that are geared toward girls, they decide to make sure they are being used to build really important things like salons. What could possibly be more important than teaching a little girl to grow up to be groomed and perfumed at all times so that she can attract a man? Or to get her manis and pedis with clockwork-precise timing in order to compete with other women to attract men? Lego should stick to making male-centric sets, because they are obviously so experienced at it that this "girl power" set is awash in male-accommodating, gender-normative stereotypes.

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Amelia Ebert
Amelia Ebert

My Little Ponies certainly did have a makeover. The new TV series is entertaining unlike the old one. It's still a girly show, but now the ponies have personalities and different interests.

Evan Lee
Evan Lee

Lego has been unisex for a very long time. It's a shame you pick the only line catered to a niche.

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@Duder Van Lee I do love their Halloween line, but I wish they'd make extra skeleton figurine packs.

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