Louie C.K.: Five examples of his twisted comic wisdom

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4) Louie C.K. on Girls vs. Boys

Like Bill Cosby or Ben Roy, having children has given Louie C.K. a wealth of stand-up comedy material, which often connects with audience members who have domestic horror stories of their own. In this clip, C.K. establishes the difference between boys -- who are mindlessly, primitively cruel -- and girls, who are much more strategically cruel, grinding themselves into your psyche until they have "shit inside of your heart."

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The Paramount Theatre

1621 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO

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Kate Honas
Kate Honas

"My bank gave me a fee for having low funds. Now I'm $10 negative in my account, so I have not $10. That means I can't even afford something thats free."

Roxann Blue
Roxann Blue

"you are not a woman until a person comes out of your vagina and steps on your dreams"


This show is Saturday, 12/15, at the Wells Fargo / Bellco Theater.

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