Louie C.K.: Five examples of his twisted comic wisdom

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3) Louie C.K. on Gay People

Bravely dissecting 21st-century political correctness -- without the antagonism of some, or the timidity of others -- C.K. manages to somehow use offensive language, while actually defending the people that language is meant to offend. "I don't understand hating gay people. They don't affect your life, what do you care?" he says. "I could understand if you're trying to mow your lawn and two guys are blowing each other on the grass. 'Ah, I have to cut around you faggots every Sunday -- I'm sick of this shit!'"

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The Paramount Theatre

1621 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO

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Kate Honas
Kate Honas

"My bank gave me a fee for having low funds. Now I'm $10 negative in my account, so I have not $10. That means I can't even afford something thats free."

Roxann Blue
Roxann Blue

"you are not a woman until a person comes out of your vagina and steps on your dreams"


This show is Saturday, 12/15, at the Wells Fargo / Bellco Theater.

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