Louie C.K.: Five examples of his twisted comic wisdom

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Like Lenny Bruce in the '60s, George Carlin in the '70s or Bill Hicks in the '90s, Louie C.K. could go down as the premier comic of this decade. His standup specials have not only changed the course of comedy material, but have changed the business of stand-up comedy. C.K. will be performing to a sold-out crowd at the Bellco Theatre this Saturday.

For those of you who couldn't land a ticket, here's a primer on some of Louie C.K.'s most memorable social commentaries.

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5)Louie C.K. on Being White

While most comics either work to avoid controversy or wrap themselves in controversy like a mink coat, Louie C.K. has found that perfect middle ground of sounding controversial while actually saying something that often rings true with an audience. "I'm white, and thank God for that! It's a huge leg up. If you're not white, you're missing out," he says with a straight face. "But let me be clear: I'm not saying white people are better; I'm saying being white is clearly better. And I'm a man! How many advantages can one person have?"

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Kate Honas

"My bank gave me a fee for having low funds. Now I'm $10 negative in my account, so I have not $10. That means I can't even afford something thats free."

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Roxann Blue

"you are not a woman until a person comes out of your vagina and steps on your dreams"


This show is Saturday, 12/15, at the Wells Fargo / Bellco Theater.

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