Getting stoned with Benjamin King Anders

Tell me a little bit more about your work, which is some of the most unique stuff I've ever seen.

It's all sterling silver and 14kt diamonds in the bottom. Some of my work has citrine, rubies, sapphires and all kinds of gems. It's all done by hand with my tools: a Dremel, handsaws and files. I cut and shape all the silver myself, and I've been teaching a lot of my friends how to do it. It's interesting and we've been making money off of it. We started mixing glass in with the metal, and it's amazing. When I use marbles, they make the piece for me.

I feel like the marbles add an organic balance to your work, which is more or less mechanical looking.

Definitely! It's robotic as fuck, for sure. It almost feels like those things [marbles] are fueling the mechanics of each piece. I send a lot of stuff to galleries, but to the collectors that I've sold to, they usually retail around three or four thousand dollars. That's why I don't have one around my neck. I gotta pay rent, man! To be honest, I prefer this to money (pointing at a large painting he recently received in trade,) so as long as the rent is paid and the jars are full, I'm good to go!

To see more of Benjamin's work, check out his Facebook page or go to his profile page on

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