Getting stoned with comedian Chris Charpentier

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Chris Charpentier of the stand-up comedy team Fine Gentleman's Club
Few conversations reach the caliber of weirdness as ones that involve marijuana, entertainers and a tape recorder. And now that Amendment 64 has turned the ritual of pot-smoking into as normal a social custom as Sunday afternoon football, we at Westword have begun spending time with our favorite Denver musicians and comedians in various states of red-eyed giggliness.

Chris Charpentier of Fine Gentleman's Club has one of the greatest appreciations for cannabis in the Denver comedy scene. While many standups are having children and only smoking on the weekends as a post-performance come-down, Charpentier remains a 24-hour party person, enjoying the mind-zapping creative rush of being truly blitzed while standing before a crowd of expectant faces.

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Westword: Do you ever smoke weed before you go on stage?

I do it pretty much every time. I just always smoke a lot of weed, so it's nothing unusual for me. It's just my normal state. I work for H&L Architecture and never smoke before or during work, but all the rest of the time.

Yeah, being stoned at work can be a nightmare, but I imagine it's a whole other animal when you're performing on stage.

The more seasoned that you are, the easier it is. When I first started I wouldn't go up nearly as high as I do now. I wouldn't have been nearly as confident; I didn't have as much material to fall back on. Now I have so much material memorized where, if things slow down, I can pick it back up -- hopefully -- with those jokes.

I performed at the Narrators about a month ago and made a solemn oath to myself not to get high the whole day leading up to the event. For me, it seemed like all confidence would fly out the window if I attempted that stoned.

I have found I'm in the minority on this, even among people who smoke weed. [Greg] Baumhauer is a good example of this. He's a guy who likes to party, but will stop smoking weed four or five hours before his shows. Just to clear his mind? I don't know. It doesn't bother me.

Greg Baumhauer
I wonder if that's related to the material he does. His style is geared toward controversy, so he actively brings a lot of hate upon himself when he's on stage. Which is probably like Pop Rocks and Coke inside your skull when you're stoned.

He may need to be a little more sharp on stage than most. Whereas I could do my stuff laying down, so it doesn't matter.

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Liz Willette
Liz Willette

"...all the rest of the time" :) atta boy!

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