Reader: Jake Adam York would hate "kindness" to be his legacy

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Jake Adam York passed away Sunday, dead at forty after suffering a stroke. It's a sad loss for Denver, where he taught at the University of Colorado, and a sad loss for this country's cultural scene. But he lives on in his poetry -- and the memories of the students he taught UCD. Jef Otte was one of them, and he shared some thoughts about Jake Adam York on the Latest Word yesterday.

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Says Mc00:

Thank you for not going on about his "compassion" and "kindness." I've been thinking all week how much he would hate that to be his legacy to his students. I've been swearing for years that his meanness was the key to his success as a teacher.

Did you take classes from Jake Adam York? What will you remember?

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"Comment of the day..." LOL... He totally arranged from beyond for Westword to say how mean he really was... TWICE! Plus, how SCARY! Thanks to Jef Otte again... I can't be the only student who will appreciate it.

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