James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem chooses Denver photo for Canon short-film project

Still, photography has been a passion throughout Murphy's life -- particularly using Canon equipment -- as he explained to Pitchfork last summer. "I don't feel that weird feeling where I'm trying to convince myself that the company's okay," he says. "I'm genuinely like, 'Oh! I have eleven Canon cameras already.' That made it easier. Plus, I just like having a deadline, because you can say, 'I want to direct something' your whole life and never do it. I think having [this project] based on photos is cool. I'm a still photographer -- I like pictures and I don't like that they're so disposable now. I'd like if people take their pictures seriously."

In a YouTube video where he announces his photo selections (see below) Murphy explains that he had a particularly difficult time choosing the "backstory" picture, simply because he enjoyed so many of them. "Mainly I just liked the picture. It gives me ideas," he says of Wollenberg's photo. "The kid is wearing a gas-mask -- how could that not be part of somebody's backstory?"

Wollenberg has vague memories of hearing about LCD Soundsystem during her days as a "sometimes-punk-poser" while living in New York City; now she plans to study up on Murphy and his musical legacy. Her memories of the day the photograph was taken, however, are crystal-clear. "My kids and I were playing in the back yard, when the sun and sky changed colors over a very short time," she recalls. "A neighbor called to us that the smoke was getting worse from the fires and that we should really go in. Every kid in the neighborhood went in and one of mine grabbed his gas mask (which he bought for fun at the army surplus, 'just because'). He ran outside and kept playing basketball. He was the only one and I grabbed my camera. I thought it was hilarious."

Murphy is slated to begin working with Ron Howard on Projection Imagina10n in early 2013, with plans for a summer release. For more information, visit www.longliveimagination.com

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