Lucky '13: Comedian and Fine Gentleman Sam Tallent

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How does being happy affect your comedy?

I don't know, dude, it's weird. Because usually I'm good at just ranting, but I have nothing to complain about now. No one wants to hear about, like, how adorable my girlfriend and I are or how well we get along and never fight. That's not gripping material. So it's driven me into a much more absurd and in-the-moment type comedy where I'm just being very silly. Because I never really talked about anything with any worth, but now I have zero substance pretty much. It's all funny faces and silly noises. You know, like in music when you're bummed out it's easy to write songs, but when you're not bummed out it's like, I'm happy, I have this person in my life, I'm eating every day. What's the deal? My parents are supportive. I have nothing to be angry about.

You'll have to find something to be angry about.

I will. It was politics, but then I gave up on that. I'm currently most angry about the lack of a good chopping knife in my life. I don't have any good knives for cooking.

What are you doing on New Year's Eve?

I'm not working. I've worked the last three or four years. Standups always work for New Year's; it's just part of the institution. But under guidance or duress, whatever you want to call it, from my girlfriend, I'm taking this year off. I'm going to Michigan, I'm meeting her parents for Christmas, and then we're spending New Year's in a cabin somewhere on a lake up there. They have many lakes. We're pretty much just going to be intimate and be comfortable and snuggle. New Year's Eve I don't like; I'm not a big party-party-get-wasted guy anymore. I used to love to rage, but now that I spend all my time in bars, I just don't want to hang out with bar people as much. So I'm going to spend it probably on drugs overlooking water, hopefully with my head in my girlfriend's lap. I'm really looking forward to New Year's Day, because they're releasing all the Arrested Developments, so I think we're going to spend our entire day in bed under the influence of narcotics watching Arrested Development. It's gonna be very simple. I used to want to go out and party and have all the fun, but I've gotten so old in my years now. and I don't like the hubbub. I'm going for solitude, tranquility. It'll be nice.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

The continued rise and dominance of the Denver comedy scene. Denver comedy is really really great, and I feel like we're on the cusp of something right now what with those great Grawlix guys just got that deal with Amazon, and my crew the Fine Gentleman's Club, we're touring, we're putting out our record. There's so many funny guys in town like Jordan Doll and Nate Balding and Christie Buchele, keeping us all honest and keeping us all relevant and making us be funnier. I'm just looking forward to see whatever the hell we're gonna put together next year, because the last two years -- it's been very community-driven, it's like old school Operation Ivy punk-rock lyrics. And I'm just pumped to see what we're gonna come up with. We've all got each other's backs and everyone's so great. It's a big love fest, is what it is. And I wanna see what we do next year.

I'm also gonna tour the hell outta myself and go to New York and go to San Francisco and just try and make continued progress towards eventual club standup comedy. But I'm just glad about Denver and what we're gonna be up to.

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