Lucky '13: Keith Garcia, programming manager for the Sie FilmCenter

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This past year has been tough for many people, and we're eager to kiss 2012 goodbye. In hopes that 2013 will turn out to be much luckier for many, we invited some of the town's cultural tastemakers -- entrepreneurs and entertainers we're lucky to have in Denver -- to answer a trio of questions. We excerpted quotes from these Q&A's in the New Year's Guide inserted in the December 13 issue of Westword, but we'll be featuring the complete interviews in a series of posts through the end of the year. Up next: Keith Garcia.

As programming manager for the newly christened Sie FilmCenter , Keith Garcia works hard to bring eclectic first-run features to Denver -- along with the actors, directors and writers behind the films. An unapologetic cult-movie fanatic, Garcia's programming blurs the line between big budget and art house, creating a year-round calendar of exciting, surprising films. This passion extends to preservation, too, as Garcia digs deeps for 35mm film prints, a format all but lost in the digital world.

We recently caught up with Garcia to talk about his expectations for his own film-making career and what makes -- or doesn't make -- someone lucky. But first, he had some important facts to share with us about, uh, Molly Ringwald.

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Keith Garcia: By the way, before we get into the interview. My mind was blown by something late last night that I read, that has nothing to do with anything - but I have to share it with you. Did you know that Molly Ringwald was offered the lead role in both Pretty Woman and Ghost?

Westword: Shut up.

What a weird world we would live in if that came to be.

Why would she turn those down?

If I can look at her timeline correctly, I think that's when she was sort of getting tired of acting? She was still on top of the world, but then she went ahead and did like Fresh Horses with Andrew McCarthy. It was like, meh. It was like a nail in both of their acting coffins.

I don't know Julia Roberts's story very well, but isn't Pretty Woman what sort of kicked her into the top spot, so to speak?

Yeah. Because up up until then, she had done, like, Satisfaction, Mystic Pizza and then Steel Magnolias. But Pretty Woman was the movie that was like, "Who is this shinin', horse-mouthed lady who's stealing our hearts?" (Laughs)

Okay, okay. On to the actual questions. Tell me about a time when you got lucky. For the record, it does not have to be sexual -- but it can be, I mean, if you want the general public to know about it. (Laughs)

I was thinking about this, and I honestly think I'm a romantic person, but I don't think I subscribe to the idea of luck. Sometimes I'll say "I hope this happens" or "fingers crossed, knock on wood" but I don't think I've ever been like, "that's lucky!"

It sort of blows my mind as I think about that. When it comes down to like, say, Powerball, I'll play it. I get caught up in the math of it. First of all, don't do Quick Pick; those are mostly assigned numbers that their algorithms figure out that don't land very often. And if you get everything on one ticket, you're playing into an algorithm that sort of falls off of a chain of numbers. But if you get tickets separately, it has to reset the algorithm and you increase your chances of that Quick Pick actually hitting the numbers.

So if I won, someone could say, "Oh, you're lucky!" And I'd say, no, I just worried about it. I was thinking about people who are smarter than me and how they figure these things out. (Laughs.)

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@DenverDoughboy I spend so much time talking about movies in Westword all year that I cherish any moment to talk about other things. One man's vapid is another man's respite. By the way, these questions are part of a series asked to 13 other Denver peeps so get used to their roll out and variety over the next few weeks, Bub.As for my lotto pickin' practices, anyone willing to play using my method is as looney tunes as I am for worrying about such things. It should be noted that I have never won the lottery and I'm pretty sure never will.See you at the Sie FilmCenter!xoxoKeith


Kind of a vapid interview, due probably to the stupid questions posed by Westword rather than Mr. Garcia's answers.  You'd hope that the guy would actually talk about film, which he supposedly is the tastemaker of.  Oh well.   And let me just say that Mr. Garcia's view of how the lottery and random numbers work is as stupid and crazy as Ted Nugent.   How can there be a lottery algorithm that determines which numbers are more likely to miss?  And buying separate tickets to "reset" the algorithm?  That's not math or anything like it; it's as ritualistic as rubbing a rabbit's foot.  Stick to film picking.  (By the way, I enjoyed seeing the remastered Le Grande Illusion last week at the Sie FilmCenter.)   


@constantwatcher  Haha, just follow your own advice and don't bet too much on your lottery method.  Love your film picks by the way; I've been to the theater on Colfax much more this past year.     

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